How to prepare for your online visit?

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When joining a visit, you should find a quiet place so you and the care team member can speak freely and without concern that someone will overhear your private conversation. Choose video and/or audio based on your comfort. You'll have the opportunity to select your preference when you join the call.

Preparing for a visit with a nurse

During your session, the Iris nurse will ask you questions about your cancer, treatment, and medical history.  You will want to have a list of medications available. With your permission, we’ll use what we learn to develop a personalized plan to proactively offer support when you might need it most.  

Preparing for a visit with a mental health therapist

Think about topics or concerns that have been weighing on you. Worry, sadness, and overwhelm are normal and your therapist is happy to talk about things that may be hard to bring up with family and friends.  Bring a notebook to track your conversation. Having notes to refer to can help you remember and process what you discuss.  

Preparing for a visit with a registered dietitian nutritionist 

If you have time before your appointment, write down what you eat and drink on a typical day, any vitamins or supplements you take, and any questions that you'd like to ask. Bring a pen and paper to take notes because we'll be meeting by video or audio call. 

Preparing for a visit with a peer mentor

Your life is bigger than your diagnosis and you may be surprised at how much you and your peer mentor have in common. Consider what you want to know from someone who's been where you are. Peer mentors can help with real-life tips, support, and planning.