How do I use symptom tracking?

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It's often difficult to keep track and remember what symptoms you've had during the last week or month. Iris's symptom tracker is a tool for you to easily communicate how you’re feeling so you and your health care team can spot patterns in your symptoms and treatment side effects. Simply record the symptom you’re feeling and how much it bothers you. Iris will keep track of it for you with logs and graphs to visualize changes and patterns.


Why is symptom tracking important?

Tracking your symptoms helps you and your health care team find more effective ways to manage your symptoms and treatment side effects. Benefits include:

  • Ensures your health care team have an up-to-date and reliable record of symptoms so they can treat them more effectively
  • Helps your doctor spot patterns and better understand your condition •Gives you a way to monitor your progress over time
  • Helps you feel more empowered and in control of your healthcare management
  • Helps reduce anxiety and stress about your condition
  • May help improve your compliance with treatment

How Often should I track my symptoms?

 Track your symptoms as often as you would like, whatever works for you! Some people like to track daily, others prefer to track every time they experience a new symptom, and others prefer not to track at all. If you choose to track your symptoms regularly, we recommend tracking at the same time at a schedule that you can stick to. Our reminder feature allows you to set tracking reminders at your chosen frequency and time. 


What if I don’t have symptoms?

 If you don't have any symptoms, you can still record a note about how you're feeling or any changes in behavior or medications. Tracking the absence of symptoms can also help you and your health care team understand what affects symptoms and treatment side effects.


Which symptoms can I track?

You can track any symptoms or side effects you are interested in monitoring. We have a pre-loaded list of common symptoms to choose from. You can manually add your own and ask for suggestions from your clinicians or your Iris care team.


How does the Iris Care team use my symptom tracking history?


Your Iris care team has access to your tracking history and may reference it when you interact with them. If you record a bothersome symptom, your care team may reach out to you to help figure out what's going on and help you feel better. We are available for you 24/7 to discuss any symptoms you might be experience or related questions.


How do I share my symptom tracking information with others?


For now, the best way to share is to take a screen shot of your symptom logs and graphs and send them to the recipient. We are working on adding the ability to directly export your information from Iris. This and many other new features are coming soon!