What is Zoom and how does Iris use it?

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Joining a scheduled Zoom visit with a care team member.

Visits with an Iris nurse, mental health therapist, and peer mentor can be scheduled in advance. For more information on scheduling a visit, go here.

If you have scheduled a visit with a nurse, mental health therapist, or peer mentor, you can join the Zoom “visit room” from either your mobile device or computer’s web browser.

To join a scheduled Zoom visit from your mobile device:

  1. Open the Iris app.
  2. Launch the visit from one of two places:
    • On the Home screen, tap Start Online Visit in the Upcoming Visit section.
    • On the Visits screen, tap Start Online Visit for the upcoming visit you’d like to join.
  3. You may need to enter your email the first time you join a meeting.

To join a Zoom visit from your computer’s web browser:

  1. Open your inbox for the email address you used to sign up for your Iris account.
  2. Open the visit confirmation email for the visit you’d like to join.
    Note: You would have received this email shortly after you booked the visit in the app. Try searching “Iris visit” or “Iris Zoom” in your inbox to find it.
  3. Click the Zoom link in the email, under “Joining Info.” This will launch the Zoom web browser on your computer and does not require an application download.


Joining an on-demand Zoom visit with an Iris nurse

As you are speaking with a nurse, you can request (or they might suggest) an on-demand virtual Zoom visit to provide you with more tailored, face-to-face care. For more information on connecting with an Iris nurse, go here.

Once an Iris nurse and you have agreed to an on-demand visit, you can join the Zoom “visit room” from either your mobile device or your computer’s web browser:

  • To join via mobile device, tap the Zoom link sent to you by the nurse. This will automatically launch the visit room.  You may have to enter your email to join.  
  • To join via web browser, ask the nurse to send the Zoom link to your preferred email address. Click on that link to launch your virtual visit and follow the zoom prompts.