Who is the Iris Care Team?

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The Iris Care Team — which includes our oncology experts, nurses, mental health therapists, and peer mentors — is here to help support your physical and mental well-being during a cancer diagnosis.

  • Iris oncology nurses are registered nurses with training, certification and experience in caring for patients living with all stages and types of cancer. They’re available to help with symptoms and side effects 24x7 via phone call.
  • Iris mental health therapists are licensed counselors who have specialized training in helping individuals and families cope with the emotional and mental health aspects of cancer.
  • Iris peer mentors are people who have experienced cancer firsthand and can provide support and their wisdom about navigating the daily challenges of the cancer experience.  

The Iris Care Team is directed by Dr. Norden, our Chief Medical Officer, and is highly trained in providing evidence-based, effective, and compassionate care.